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Putin's Chance to Change History

A student of history, the Russian president surely sees the similarities between the pressures building on his country today and those that led up to a coup attempt 25 years ago. Read more…

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By Adriano Bosoni
Adriano Bosoni

How to Leave the European Union

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By Philip Bobbitt

The Problem With Judging the Speaker, Not the Statement

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By Scott Stewart
Scott Stewart

The Long Arm of Russian Intelligence


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Reggie Thompson on Venezuela

Speaking with The Miami Herald, Stratfor Latin America Analyst Reggie Thompson says Venezuela's military has loyalty to the party, not necessarily to the Maduro administration.

The Miami Herald
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John Minnich on China's Consolidation of Power

In an exclusive Op-Ed for Newsweek, Stratfor East Asia Analyst John Minnich explores how President Xi Jinping is shifting China's political landscape back to its historical form.

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Situation Reports

Iran: Tehran Confirms Intercept Of U.S. Naval Vessel

Tehran confirmed on Aug. 25 earlier reports that four Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps vessels approached and gave a warning to a U.S. Navy ship transiting in waters near the Strait of Hormuz on Aug. 24, ISNA reported. Read more…

Afghanistan: Attack On University In Kabul Ends

Afghan police killed two gunmen Aug. 25 during a search of the American University of Afghanistan campus in Kabul, ending the attack on the university, the chief of Kabul police's Criminal Investigation Department said, AFP reported. Read more…

Italy: At Least 159 Dead In Earthquake

The death toll from the 6.2 magnitude earthquake in central Italy has risen to at least 159, Italian civil protection officials said Aug. 24, BBC reported. Read more…

Afghanistan: Militants Attack Kabul American University Campus

The American University of Afghanistan campus in Kabul is reportedly under attack by militants and is surrounded by police and special operations forces, the university president said, AP reported Aug. 24. Read more…

Syria: Turkish-Backed Rebels Take Jarabulus

Syrian rebels claim to have taken control of Jarabulus from the Islamic State, shortly after the launch of the Turkish-backed Euphrates Shield operation, according to unconfirmed reports breaking on Twitter on Aug. 24. Read more…

El Salvador: Government To Launch Anti-Gang Force With Honduras, Guatemala

The leaders of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala signed an agreement Aug. 24 in San Salvador to establish a joint force that will combat organized crime and drug trafficking, Reuters reported. Read more…

Myanmar: 6.8 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Central Region

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck central Myanmar on Aug. 24, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Read more…

Italy: Earthquake Death Toll Rises To 38

At least 38 people were killed in a 6.2 magnitude earthquake that struck central Italy on Aug. 24, Bloomberg, BBC and Reuters reported. Read more…

Thailand: 1 Killed, 29 Injured In Deep South Bombing

At least one person was killed and 29 others were injured when two bombs exploded outside a hotel in Pattani, a town in one of Thailand's insurgency-ridden southernmost provinces, Khao Sod reported Aug. 24. Read more…

Australia: Backpacker Stabbed To Death In Suspected Islamist Attack

A 29-year-old Frenchman stabbed and killed a British woman and wounded two people at a backpackers' hostel in Home Hill, a town in Queensland state, Australia, on Aug. 24, Australian Broadcasting Corp reported. Read more…

Syria: Turkish Tanks Prepping Ground For Jarabulus Operation

The Turkish army launched an operation Aug. 24 involving fighter jets and tanks to drive Islamic State jihadists out of the Syrian border town of Jarabulus, which lies directly opposite the Turkish town of Karkamis, according to the office of the Turkish prime minister, Hurriyet and AFP reported. Read more…

Japan: Training For New Peacekeeping Roles Approved

The Japan Self-Defense Forces have been cleared to train soldiers for rescue and military escort aspects of U.N. peacekeeping operations, paving the way for Japanese forces to take part in overseas military operations for the first time since World War II, Defence Minister Tomomi Inada said Aug. 24, Kyodo reported. Read more…

Colombia: Peace Agreement With FARC Signed

The Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) signed a peace agreement Aug. 23 in Cuba, government sources and a FARC spokesman said, El Tiempo reported. Read more…

Syria: Turkish-Backed Rebels Launch Jarabulus Offensive

The Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army launched a large-scale offensive Aug. 24 in the Islamic State stronghold of Jarabulus near the Syria-Turkey border, Al-Masdar News reported. Read more…

North Korea: Missile Test-Launched From Submarine

North Korea launched a submarine-based ballistic missile off its east coast on Aug. 23, the South Korean military said, Reuters reported. Read more…

Mexico: Government Takes Over Railroad Used By Migrants

The Mexican government has taken control of the southern railroad known as "The Beast," widely used by Central American migrants heading to the United States, the Mexican Communications and Transport Ministry said Aug. 23, Reuters reported. Read more…

Colombia: 3 Explosions Target Health Companies In Bogota

Three small explosions targeted health companies in Bogota, Colombia, on Aug. 23, causing no injuries, El Espectador reported. Read more…

Nigeria: Air Force Claims To Have Killed Boko Haram's Leader

Nigeria's air force said it has killed a number of top Boko Haram fighters, including possibly the group's leader, Reuters reported Aug. 23. Read more…