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If We Covered the U.S. Election

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The Risks at Play at the Summer Olympics


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Omar Lamrani on the Islamic State in Sinai

Speaking with CNS News, Stratfor Senior Military Analyst Omar Lamrani explains that U.S. forces monitoring Sinai are relying more on technology as the Islamic State expands into the region.

CNS News
Featured Analyst:

Fred Burton on Paying Ransom Demands

In an Op-Ed for The Globe and Mail, Stratfor Vice President of Intelligence Fred Burton says that whether governments pay ransoms or not, terrorists will not be deterred.

The Globe and Mail
Situation/Intelligence Reports

Iraq: Islamic State Strikes City In South, Loses Northern Town

Two suicide car bombs claimed by the Islamic State killed at least 32 people and wounded 75 others in the center of the southern Iraqi city of Samawa on May 1, police said, Reuters reported. Read more…

Philippines: Abu Sayyaf Releases 10 Indonesian Hostages

Abu Sayyaf militants have freed 10 Indonesian crewmen who were seized at sea in March in the first of three attacks on tugboats that have sparked a regional maritime security alarm, officials said May 1, the New York Times reported. Read more…

Somalia: Al Shabaab Retakes Town Northeast Of Mogadishu

Al Shabaab insurgents killed 15 Somali soldiers and retook the town of Runirgood northeast of the capital Mogadishu on May 1, just one day after it had been captured by government forces, the military said, Reuters reported. Read more…

Iraq: Protesters Peacefully Leave Green Zone

Protesters camped out in Baghdad's Green Zone left the government district peacefully on May 1, Reuters reported. Read more…

France: Protests Over Labor Law Erupt At May Day Parade In Paris

Clashes broke out between French police and demonstrators during a May Day parade in Paris, police said May 1, BBC reported. Read more…

Turkey: Police Fire Tear Gas, Detain 200 In May Day Scuffles

Turkish police fired tear gas and water cannon and detained more than 200 people after scuffles broke out at May Day celebrations in Istanbul when some anti-government protesters tried to breach a ban on access to Taksim Square, officials said May 1, Reuters reported. Read more…

Afghanistan: Troops Battle Taliban To Hold Capital Of Uruzgan Province

Afghan security forces have been battling to push back Taliban fighters seeking to cut off Tarin Kowt, the capital of the southern province of Uruzgan, officials said May 1, Reuters reported. Read more…

Turkey: Attacks On Security Forces Occur In East, Southeast

Two police officers were killed and 23 people wounded in a car bomb attack on police headquarters in the southeastern Turkish city of Gaziantep, the provincial governor said May 1, Reuters reported. Read more…

Iraq: Premier Orders Arrests Of Protesters Who Damaged Parliament

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on May 1 ordered the arrest of activists who caused damage and attacked police while storming parliament in Baghdad on April 30, BBC reported. Read more…

Yemen: Talks Suspended After Houthis Seize Base Near Sanaa

The Yemeni government suspended direct peace talks to end the country's conflict on May 1 after the Houthi rebel movement and its allies seized the Umaliqa military base north of the capital Sanaa, two members of the official delegation to the talks said, Reuters reported. Read more…

Iraq: Green Zone Occupiers Congregate In Main Square As Their Ranks Swell

More protesters, including those not affiliated with Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr, have gathered in the Green Zone's Grand Festivities Square, Rudaw reported. Read more…

Iran: Reformists Win Second Round Of Parliamentary Elections

President Hassan Rouhani's reformist allies won 36 of the 68 seats up for grabs in the April 29 second round of parliamentary elections, according to preliminary results released April 30, Al Jazeera reported. Read more…

Germany: Government Will Request Extension Of Schengen Border Controls

Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden will call for the European Commission to extend border Schengen Zone border controls beyond their original end date of May 12, German Interior Minister Thomas De Maiziere said April 30, Reuters reported. Read more…

Afghanistan: Government Launches Operations In 18 Provinces

The Afghan military kicked off anti-militant operations in 18 provinces backed by airstrikes and artillery, according to an April 30 Ministry of Defense statement, Reuters reported. Read more…

Russia: Moscow Says Barrel Roll Near U.S. Aircraft Justified

Moscow said April 30 that a Russian Su-27 was justified in its April 29 aggressive interception of a U.S. reconnaissance aircraft over the Baltic Sea, according to a statement by the Russian Defense Ministry, BBC reported. Read more…

Iraq: After Shiite Protesters Storm Parliament, Military Deployed To Green Zone

Baghdad declared a citywide state of emergency April 30 after hundreds of demonstrators loyal to Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr marched over the Tigris River and into Baghdad's Green Zone, entering the parliament building, witnesses said, BBC reported. Read more…

Turkey: Suicide Bomber's Ties Remain Unclear

A female suicide bomber who caused an April 27 explosion in the Turkish city of Bursa has been identified, The Daily Star reported April 29. Read more…

Burundi: Attack Kills 5 In Capital

Five people were killed in a gun and grenade attack April 28 in Burundi's capital, regarded as a hub of opposition to Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza, Reuters reported April 29. Read more…