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Yemen's Looming Water Crisis

If key steps are not taken, Yemen's water crisis will continue to worsen as the country's population grows.

Ukraine Needs More Money

Kiev's new loan package from the IMF will help the country, but Ukraine's bondholders will ultimately determine its economic fate.

Geopolitical Weekly
By John Minnich
John Minnich

China's Fragile Evolution

Global Affairs
By Sim Tack
Sim Tack

The Mechanics of NATO's Collective Self-Defense

Security Weekly
By Scott Stewart
Scott Stewart

The Islamic State's Appeal

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Discord in Kiev Plays to Russia's Favor

With the dismissal of a powerful oligarch, the president may have created a potential political competitor and disrupted the pro-West alliance.

Seoul Agonizes Over New U.S. Missile System

South Korea is debating whether to allow the United States to deploy an anti-ballistic missile system, preferring a more independent defense architecture.

Saudi-Led Coalition Strikes Yemen's Capital

On a day that encapsulates a balance-of-power strategy, the United States is facilitating combat operations in a Sunni bastion in Iraq and supporting a Saudi-led force in Yemen.

U.S. Enters the Fray in Tikrit

Rumors that Baghdad requested coalition air support to break the stalemate in Tikrit have been proved.

Field Notes
Stratfor In The News

Stratfor's Reva Bhalla on Yemen Unrest

In a live interview on CNBC's "Fast Money," Stratfor's Vice President of Global Analysis discusses the conflict in Yemen and its potential impact on oil markets.

Featured Analyst:

George Friedman on the Decade Ahead

In a live interview with Bloomberg TV's "Market Makers," Stratfor's founder and chairman addresses predictions from the firm's Decade Forecast, including Russia's inability to survive in its current form and the fragmentation of the European Union.

Market Makers
Featured Analyst:

Fred Burton on U.S. Diplomatic Security

Stratfor's Vice President of Intelligence joined C-SPAN's "Washington Journal" program to discuss how the State Department and other agencies handle security at U.S. diplomatic embassies worldwide.

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Situation/Intelligence Reports

Iran: Lawmaker Calls For Delay In Turkish Leader's Visit

Conservative Iranian lawmaker Ahmad Tavakkoli requested March 27 that Iran's foreign ministry delay the visit of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan because of his public criticism of Iranian moves in Yemen and Iraq, Tasnim reported.

Somalia: Gunmen Storm Hotel, 2 Killed In Blast

Islamist gunmen forced their way into a hotel in Mogadishu, trapping government officials inside, Reuters reported March 27.

Yemen: Al-Houthis Release Captured Yemeni Defense Minister

The defense minister for the government of internationally recognized Yemeni President Abd Rabboh Mansour Hadi has been released by his al-Houthi captors, along with Brigadier Faisal Rajab, Sputnik News reported March 27.

Turkey: Ankara Could Provide Logistical Support In Yemen

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Ankara could provide logistical support to the Saudi-led operation in Yemen, AP reported March 27.

Nigeria: Troops Capture Boko Haram Headquarters

The Nigerian army reclaimed control of Gwoza, the town that Boko Haram claimed as its headquarters, World Bulletin reported March 27.

Iraq: Militia Fighting In Tikrit Is Subject To Orders Of Prime Minister

The Popular Crowd, a militia fighting the Islamic State in Tikrit alongside Iraqi security forces, is a state institution and is subject to the orders of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, a spokesman for the group said March 27, Alsumaria reported.

Turkey: President Speaks Out Against Iran

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Iran on March 26 of trying to dominate the Middle East and of causing resentment in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Gulf Arab countries, Hurriyet Daily News reported March 27.

Russia: Syria's Tartus Facility May Be Upgraded

Russia will upgrade its resupply facility in the Syrian port of Tartus only after political leaders make a decision, a source from the Russian Navy Main Staff said, Interfax reported March 27.

Pakistan: No Decision On Participation In Saudi-Led Coalition

Pakistan has not made a decision on contributing military support for a Saudi-led operation against al-Houthi militants in Yemen, Pakistani Defense Minister Khawaja Asif said, Reuters reported March 27.

Syria: Leaders Says Open To U.S. Diaolgue

Syrian President Bashar al Assad said in an interview on a U.S. television network that Syria is open to talks with the United States, AFP reported March 27.

Yemen: U.S. Warships At The Ready In Red Sea

Two U.S. warships stationed in the Red Sea are ready to respond to the situation in Yemen, U.S. Central Command said March 26, Sputnik reported.

Yemen: Ground Operations Planned, Egyptian Officials Say

Three anonymous Egyptian security and military officials said that Saudi Arabia and Egypt would lead ground operations in Yemen against the al-Houthi militants once they were sufficiently weakened by airstrikes, AP reported March 26.

U.S.: Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Arm Kurds In Iraq

Lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives' Foreign Affairs Committee are introducing a bill to allow U.S. arms to be sent directly to Kurds fighting the Islamic State in Iraq, AP reported March 26.

Czech Republic: Most Czechs Do Not Mind U.S. Convoy, Poll Says

Four in five Czechs do not mind the U.S. military convoy that is scheduled to cross through the Czech republic from March 29 to April 1, according to a STEM/MARK poll released by Czech Television on March 26.

Turkey: Group Claims Responsibility For Attack On Magazine

The People's Defense Union has claimed responsibility for an attack on Adimlar magazine in Istanbul, Zaman reported March 26.

Ukraine: Oligarch Reaches Agreement With Leader

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and influential oligarch Igor Kolomoisky have reached a deal in which the latter will avoid prosecution in exchange for tax payments by energy producer Ukrnafta, reported March 26.

Yemen: Regional Powers Weigh In On Conflict

The Arab League pledged its support for the Saudi-led campaign against al-Houthi fighters in Yemen, Reuters reported March 26.

Turkey: Armed U.S. Drones To Be Allowed In Air Base

Turkish and U.S. military officials have informally agreed to deploy armed drones to the Incirlik air base to aid in the campaign against the Islamic State, Hurriyet Daily News reported March 26, citing a Turkish official.


Decade Forecast: 2015-2025

The United States' role as the pre-eminent power will be the sole constant in a decade of political fragmentation, economic shifts and changes in regional power structures.