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Sim Tack on BBC World Service

Speaking with the BBC World Service, Stratfor Military Analyst Sim Tack discusses some of the broader goals of Russian intervention in Syria.
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Libya: U.N. Authorizes Anti-Trafficking Operation

The United Nations Security Council on Oct. 9 authorized an anti-trafficking naval mission in the high sees near Libya, Reuters reported. Read more…

Israel, Palestinian Territories: Protest Turns Deadly On Gaza Border

Israeli security forces clashed with some 200 Palestinian demonstrators along the Gaza border Oct. 9, killing five protesters, Star Tribune reported. Read more…

Syria: Washington Is Changing Approach To Rebel Program

U.S. President Barack Obama will announce major changes to the Pentagon's program to support Syrian rebels Oct. 9, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said, Reuters reported. Read more…

Libya: U.N. Proposes Unity Government

The United Nations proposed a unity government for Libya's warring governments Oct. 8, but the rebel government in Tripoli is resisting, Reuters reported. Read more…

Myanmar: Negotiator Accuses China Of Derailing Cease-Fire Talks

A top government negotiator in Myanmar’s peace talks with ethnic rebels accused China of derailing the push for a nationwide cease-fire agreement last week, The Irrawaddy and Reuters reported Oct. 9. Read more…

Iran: Tehran Refuses Comment On Claims On Stray Russian Missiles

Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Oct. 9 said it would neither confirm nor deny recent reports that some of the cruise missiles launched by Russia from the Caspian Sea on Oct. 7 toward Syria landed in Iranian territory, AFP reported. Read more…

Russia: Energy Sector Tax Hike Approved

The Kremlin approved plans on Oct. 9 to increase a mineral extraction tax on state-owned energy giant Gazprom and keep an oil an oil export duty calculation mechanism unchanged in 2016, Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov said Oct. 8, Reuters reported. Read more…

South China Sea: U.S. Boosting Maritime Assistance, Planning To Sail Near Chinese Artificial Islands

The United States is expected to sail warships close to artificial islands built by China in disputed parts of the South China Sea within the next two weeks, a move to signal that Washington does not recognize Beijing’s vast territorial claims in the waters, unnamed senior U.S. officials said Oct. 8, the Financial Times and Navy Times reported. Read more…

Belarus: EU To Lift Sanctions Temporarily

The European Union will lift sanctions against Belarus for four months, including ones targeting President President Aleksander Lukashenko, after the country’s presidential election on Oct. 11, barring a last-minute crackdown on political opposition, unnamed diplomatic sources said, Reuters reported Oct. 9. Read more…

China, Japan, South Korea: New Round Of Trade Talks Scheduled Amid TPP Aftermath

China, South Korea and Japan will hold a new round of trilateral free-trade talks in December, the Chinese Commerce Ministry said Oct. 9, Yonhap reported. Read more…

Argentina: Officials Seek More Funding From China

Argentine and Chinese leaders are meeting in Lima, Peru this week to discuss the terms of another currency swap to augment Argentina's dwindling foreign reserves, Cronista reported Oct. 8. Read more…

Syria: Russian Airstrikes Target Islamic State

Russia's air force struck 27 Islamic State locations overnight on Oct. 8, according to the Russian government, Reuters reported. Read more…

Turkey: NATO Ready To Intervene If Needed

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the military alliance was ready to send troops to Turkey to defend its southern border if needed, Reuters reported Oct. 8. Read more…

Ukraine: Contact Group May Hold Emergency Meeting After Truce Violations

The Trilateral Contact Group of negotiators seeking to resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine may hold an emergency meeting in Minsk after pro-Russia separatist forces attacked Ukrainian army positions on Oct. 7-8, according to Ukrainian military statement, UNIAN reported. Read more…

Syria: Helicopter Shot Down In Hama Province

Militants shot down a helicopter in the Syrian province of Hama Oct. 8, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Said, Reuters reported. Read more…

Turkey: Erdogan Threatens To End Nuclear, Natural Gas Cooperation With Russia

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Oct. 8 that Turkey’s imports of Russian natural gas and Russia's construction of Turkey’s first nuclear power plant are at risk due to Russia’s bombing of Syria and recent violations of Turkish airspace, AFP reported. Read more…

China: Central Bank Unveils Payments System, Adopts IMF Statistical Benchmark

The People's Bank of China launched a cross-border payments system for the yuan on Oct. 8 as part of Beijing's drive to increase international use of its currency, Xinhua and the Financial Times reported. Read more…

Greece: Tsipras Survives Confidence Vote Ahead Of Reform Push, Bailout Review

The government of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras comfortably won a confidence vote on Oct. 8 as it began ramping up a push to pass key reforms before Greece undergoes a first review of its international bailout, Kathimerini reported. Read more…