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The Battle for France Will Not End With the Presidential Election

The Battle for France Won't End With a President

Apr 21, 2017 | 09:30 GMT

The country's approaching race for the presidency has dominated the spotlight, but whoever wins will need allies in the National Assembly to govern effectively.

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    A French and a European flag fly in front of the Lille courthouse. French voters will decide on the future of the country -- and, as a result, that of the Continental bloc -- in the 2017 presidential elections.
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    A decision to explore the national security implications of steel imports to the United States could signal a tactic being considered by the U.S. presidential administration to justify tariffs under WTO rules.
    The reforms are proceeding apace, but the government still faces a daunting road ahead.
    Though the British prime minister's call for elections in June could strengthen her hand for Brexit negotiations, it could also backfire on the ruling party.
    The West's disapproval helped the Turkish president tap a nationalist vein and carry his constitutional victory.
    Despite sharing an interest in derailing North Korea's nuclear weapons drive, their overtures so far have remained largely superficial.
    The rapid rise of populist presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is stoking concerns in the United States about the future of Mexico's security and economic policies.
    Despite its high hopes, Russia's relations with the West are worse off today than they were at the start of the year.
    A growing number of Russians today never knew life without President Vladimir Putin, putting the longtime leader in an unfamiliar predicament.
    China's support of North Korea is likely to remain steadfast, but among policymakers in Beijing, the idea of replacing Kim Jong Un as its leader has gained adherents.
    A default by Petroleos de Venezuela on its debt would likely hamper oil production, leading to tighter food supplies and stirring up further unrest in Venezuela.
    Russian President Vladimir Putin brings flowers to honor the victims of Monday's explosion at St. Petersburg's Technological Institute metro station. Though Putin was in the city at the time of the bombing, he was not its target.