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Mark Fleming-Williams on Greece Bailout Talks

Live interview with Stratfor's economy analyst on CBC's prime time business program "The Exchange" to provide commentary on the different scenarios that could result from ongoing talks between the EU and Greece.

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Ukraine: Bomb Explodes In Vehicle In Kharkiv

A car driven by a commander in the Ukrainian Interior Ministry’s special forces unit exploded in Kharkiv, The Interpreter reported March 6, citing Ukrainian website Leviy Bereg.

South Sudan: Peace Talks Adjourned

The South Sudanese government and rebels adjourned peace talks March 6 without setting a date for the next meeting, Reuters reported, citing a mediation official.

Mali: Elections Postponed

Mali has postponed elections planned for April, citing security concerns in the country’s north, Reuters reported March 6.

EU: Gazprom Can Use Trans-Adriatic Pipeline, Official Says

Russia’s Gazprom will be able to use the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline to deliver natural gas if it builds the proposed Turkish Stream pipeline to bring gas to Greece, European Commission spokesman said, EurActiv reported March 6.

Russia: Blogger Released From Detention

Anti-Kremlin blogger Alexei Navalny was released from jail 15 days after being detained for handing out leaflets to promote a March 1 demonstration, which turned into a mourning parade for opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, Reuters reported March 6.

Sudan: Foreign Minister Reaches Deal On Nile With Egypt and Ethiopia

The foreign ministers of Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia said March 6 that they had reached a draft agreement on the sharing of Nile waters and of Ethiopia's Grand Renaissance Dam, AFP reported.

Colombia: FARC Staged First Attack In Months, Authorities Said

The Colombian army confirmed that the Revolutionary Armed Force of Colombia, better known as FARC, staged its first offensive attack since announcing a unilateral cease-fire in December, BluRadio reported March 6.

Guyana: ExxonMobil Begins Extraction In Disputed Waters

ExxonMobil has begun oil extraction activities in the disputed Essequibo waters between Guyana and Venezuela, Guyana Times reported March 5.

Japan: Bill Gives Uniformed Personnel More Say

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Cabinet approved a bill that would give military personnel more control over decision-making in the Defense Ministry, Kyodo News reported March 6.

China: Military Analyst Investigated For Helping Myanmar's Rebels

Senior Chinese military strategist Maj. Gen. Huang Xing is under investigation for allegedly leaking state secrets and supporting armed rebels in Myanmar’s Kokang region in 2009, SCMP reported March 6, citing sources.

Sri Lanka: Cabinet Approves To Suspend Chinese Project

On the eve of Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj's visit to Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan Cabinet suspended the $1.5 billion Chinese-funded Colombo Port City project because of corruption allegations, Colombo Page reported March 5.

Venezuela: Central Bank Suspends Foreign Exchange Auction

The Venezuelan Central Bank has suspended a planned foreign exchange auction through the recently implemented Marginal Foreign Exchange System, Ultimas Noticias reported March 5, citing unidentified financial sector sources.

U.S., Iran: Understanding Reached On Operations In Iraq

New reports have emerged on Washington and Tehran's "special understanding" on operations against the Islamic State in Iraq, Ashraq Al Awsat reported March 5.

Syria: Ousting President May Require Military Pressure, U.S. Official Said

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said a combination of diplomacy and military pressure might be needed to bring about a political transition in Syria, AFP reported March 5.

Yemen: Al-Houthis Take National Dialogue Headquarters

Yemen's al-Houthi rebels took control of an office in Sanaa that had been promoting a national dialogue to end the country's political turmoil, The Daily Star reported March 5.

Libya: Government In Tobruk Attacks Tripoli Airport, Calls Temporary Cease-Fire

Warplanes from Libya's internationally recognized government, which operates out of Tobruk, targeted an airport in Tripoli where a rival government operates, Reuters reported March 5.

Saudi Arabia: Official Urges U.S. Coalition To Fight On The Ground

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal called on the U.S.-led coalition to join the fight against the Islamic State on the ground in Syria and Iraq, AFP reported March 5.

Zimbabwe: U.S. Extends Sanctions

The United States has increased its sanctions against Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and his inner circle even as the European Union softens its stance toward the country, Africa Review reported March 5.


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