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The Shifting Sands of Damascus

Syrian rebel gains on the battlefield are a blow to the government's sense of inevitable victory — and thus to the government's credibility. Read more…

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Geopolitical Weekly
By John Minnich
John Minnich

Prelude to a Japanese Revival

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Mark Fleming-Williams

China's New Investment Bank: A Premature Prophecy

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Scott Stewart

Could the Islamic State and al Qaeda Reconcile?

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Field Notes
Stratfor In The News

Stratfor's Rodger Baker on South Korea's Political Storm

"It's hard for this crisis not to have at least some impact [on South Korean President Park Geun-Hye]. Her administration has already faced a lot of criticism on reforms as well as international junkets," Baker said. This week's events interfere with her ability to focus on policy issues and help push them through the parliament, he added.

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Stratfor's Scott Stewart on the Latest Threats by ISIS

The nature of ISIS's recent threats actually speaks to the group's limitations, says Scott Stewart, vice president of tactical analysis at Stratfor. He says that if a militant group has the ability to conduct a strike, it's not going to foreshadow it online, "they're just going to do it. It's when they can't do it themselves that they need to ask others for help."

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Situation/Intelligence Reports

Iran: Iranian Source Confirms Navy Seized U.S.-Owned Ship

An Iranian source has confirmed reports that the Iranian navy seized a U.S.-owned ship in the Persian Gulf on April 28, Fars News reported. Read more…

Yemen: Saudi Airstrikes Target Airport To Stop Delivery Of Iranian Aid

Saudi-led forces reportedly bombed a runway at Sanaa International Airport, allegedly to prevent an Iranian civilian aircraft from landing, Al Arabiya reported April 28. Read more…

Finland: Navy Fires Warning Charges At Suspected Submarine

Finland's navy fired warning shots at a suspected Russian submarine in waters off the coast of Helsinki on April 28, Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty reported. Read more…

U.S.: Pentagon Denies That Iranian Navy Held U.S. Ship

The U.S. government has denied reports that the Iranian military detained a U.S. cargo ship and its 34 crew members, BBC reported April 28. Read more…

Nigeria: Boko Haram Adopts Islamic State Name

Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram has changed its name to reflect its connection to the Islamic State, World Bulletin reported April 28. Read more…

Iran: Tehran Faces Natural Gas Shortage

Iran will run out of natural gas in the near future, according to the National Iranian Gas Company, Press TV reported April 28. Read more…

Iran: Officials Reportedly Detain U.S. Ship With 34 Aboard

According to Al-Arabiya, Iranian officials are holding a cargo ship bearing a U.S. flag with 34 people onboard in Bandar Abbas port. Read more…

Saudi Arabia: 93 Islamic State Suspects Arrested

Riyadh has arrested 93 suspected Islamic State jihadists since December, the Saudi interior ministry announced April 28, Reuters reported. Read more…

Iraq: U.N. Worker Kidnapped In Diyala

A local U.N. staffer was abducted by gunmen in Iraq's Diyala province, the U.N. office in Iraq said, AP reported April 28. Read more…

Russia: Banks Block Crimean Funds Sent Through SWIFT

Western banks are blocking payments from Crimea made through the SWIFT international banking transaction system, Sputnik News reported April 28. Read more…

Mali: Pro-Government Militia Seizes Northern Town

Militants from pro-government group Gatia seized the northern Malian town of Menaka from Tuareg rebels April 27, Reuters reported. Read more…

Burundi: 6 Killed In Protests Against President

Six people died and seven were wounded in clashes between protesters and police in Bujumbura, News24 reported April 27. Read more…

Venezuela: Conflict On Funding Emerges In State Oil Company

The president of Venezuela's state-owned oil company Petroleos de Venezuela and the company's financial director disagree on how to allocate funds within the company, unidentified sources said, El Nacional reported April 27. Read more…

Russia: S-300 Deliveries Will Not Affect Tehran Nuclear Talks

Russia's decision to supply Iran with S-300 missile defense systems will have no effect on nuclear negotiations, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said, Sputnik News reported April 27. Read more…

Yemen: Saudi Airstrikes Continue

Saudi Arabia continued airstrikes against Houthi forces in central Yemen and in the capital April 27, Reuters reported. Read more…

Afghanistan: Taliban Militants Attack Kunduz

Hundreds of Taliban militants attacked the military outposts and police checkpoints on the outskirts of Kunduz on April 27, Reuters reported. Read more…

Syria: Islamist Rebels Seize Army Base In Idlib

Islamist rebels seized Qarmeed camp, an army base in Syria's Idlib province, after a Jabhat al-Nusra suicide bomber drove a truck loaded with two tons of explosives into the base, blowing it up, The Daily Star reported April 27. Read more…

Sudan: President Easily Wins Re-election

Sudanese President Omar al Bashir won re-election April 27 with 94 percent of the votes counted so far, ABC News reported. Read more…