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Farewell to an Arms Treaty

If either the United States or Russia abandons their agreement on intermediate-range nuclear weapons, they could revive the kind of arm race that typified the Cold War. Read more…

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Ian Morris on Geography and Power

Stratfor Contributor Ian Morris discusses his column "Iranian Power is Not Inevitable" and the role geography plays in political power on The John Batchelor Show.

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Fred Burton on Death of Kim Jong Nam

Speaking with WTOP Radio, Stratfor Chief Security Officer Fred Burton discusses how a VX nerve agent could have been brought into Malaysia.

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Reva Goujon on Russian Spy Ships

Speaking with Fox News, Stratfor VP of Global Analysis Reva Goujon suggests a spy ship seen near the U.S. coast is a sign Russia's Plan A is starting to backfire.

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Ukraine: Breakaway Territory Announces Russian Ruble To Be Official Currency

Authorities in the Luhansk territory in eastern Ukraine have announced that the Russian ruble will become the official currency of the Luhansk People's Republic beginning March 1, Kommersant reported Feb. 27. Read more…

Iraq: Security Forces Retake Key Bridge In Mosul

Iraqi government forces have retaken a key bridge in Mosul, another advance in a monthslong battle to retake the city from the Islamic State, BBC reported Feb. 27. Read more…

Russia: Deal For Rosneft To Sell Assets To Chechen Government Appears Forthcoming

A deal for Russian state-owned oil company Rosneft to sell substantial assets in Chechnya to the Chechen government appears to be imminent, Kommersant reported Feb. 27. Read more…

Russia: Putin Begins Central Asia Tour

Russian President Vladimir Putin began a three-country tour of Central Asia on Feb. 27, RFE/RL reported. Read more…

U.S.: Top Chinese Diplomat Begins Visit To Washington

China's top diplomat, Yang Jiechi, will begin a two-day visit to Washington on Feb. 27, Xinhua and the South China Morning Post reported. Read more…

Colombia: ELN Claims Earlier Explosion In Bogota

The National Liberation Army (ELN), Colombia's second-largest rebel group, claimed responsibility Feb. 27 for an explosion in Bogota on Feb. 19 that killed one police officer and injured more than two dozen other people, Caracol reported. Read more…

Syria: Government Forces, Turkey-Backed Rebels Clash In North

Rebels backed by Turkey clashed with Syrian government forces in northern Syria late on Feb. 26, Reuters reported. Read more…

Syria: Al Qaeda Deputy Killed In Apparent Drone Strike

The suspected deputy of al Qaeda was killed Feb. 26 in Idlib province, northern Syria, in what was likely a U.S. drone strike, according to social media reports. Read more…

Syria: Loyalist Forces Advance Into Areas South Of Al-Bab

The Syrian army and its allies made a sudden advance on Feb. 26 into areas held by the Islamic State in northwest Syria, a war monitor said, Reuters reported. Read more…

Belarus: Thousands Demonstrate Against Labor Law

Local media in Belarus said about 3,000 people have demonstrated across the country against a new labor law that targets the unemployed, AP reported Feb. 26. Read more…

Iran: Naval Drills In Strait Of Hormuz, Gulf Of Oman, Bab El-Mandeb And Indian Ocean Begin

Iran launched naval drills on Feb. 26, a naval commander said, Reuters reported. Read more…

Iraq: Security Forces Advance In Western Mosul To Capture Southernmost Bridge

Iraqi forces moved deeper into western Mosul on Feb. 26, aiming to capture a bridge across the Tigris River, Reuters reported. Read more…

Kyrgyzstan: Opposition Leader Arrested On Corruption Charges

Kyrgyzstan detained a prominent opposition leader on charges of fraud and corruption, AP reported Feb. 26. Read more…

Germany: No Indication Heidelberg Assault Was Terrorist Attack, Police Say

There are no indications that the vehicular assault caused by a knife-wielding attacker who drove a rental car into a crowd in the German city of Heidelberg was a terrorist attack, authorities said Feb. 26, Reuters reported. Read more…

Russia: Thousands Remembering Boris Nemtsov March Outside Kremlin

Thousands of people marched in Moscow to remember Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, who was shot dead outside the Kremlin in 2015, BBC reported Feb. 26. Read more…

Australia, Indonesia: Full Military Ties Restored

Australia and Indonesia restored full military ties Feb. 26, less than two months after Indonesia suspended cooperation over "offensive" teaching material found at an Australian base, BBC reported. Read more…

Germany: Attacker Drives Car Into Heidelberg Pedestrian Area, 3 Injured

A knife-wielding attacker drove a car into a crowd outside of a bakery on Bismarckplatz in the German city of Heidelberg on Feb. 25, BBC reported. Read more…

Armenia, Azerbaijan: Deadly Clashes Occur Along Nagorno-Karabakh Front Lines

Armenian troops alongside allied Karabakh separatist forces clashed with Azerbaijani troops Feb. 25 in the Khojavend-Fizuli sector of the Nagorno-Karabakh line of contact, the military zone that separates their respective positions, leaving around five Azerbaijani soldiers dead, local sources indicated along with AFP. Read more…


2017 Annual ForecastFree

Long-term trends tend to quietly build over decades and then noisily surface as the politics catch up. Such is the case for 2017. Read more…