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Israel's Real Problem

The Israeli political establishment may be focused on the U.S.-Iranian nuclear deal as a threat, but the greater danger lies within Israel itself. Read more…

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Stratfor In The News
Fox News

Stratfor's Fred Burton on Egypt's Security Situation and Intelligence Challenges

In a panel interview on Fox News' DEFCON 3 program, Burton, who is also a former U.S. State Department counterterrorism agent, says he can recall "working cases in Egypt years ago and you would have a tremendous amount of cooperation ... and one thing that frightens me today is I’m not so sure that same kind of liaison exists."

Fox News
Situation/Intelligence Reports

Yemen: Coalition Members Report Casualties

Five Bahraini soldiers were killed Sept. 4 while patrolling Saudi Arabia's southern border with Yemen, Reuters reported. Read more…

Egypt: Attacks Target Peacekeeping Troops

Two improvised explosive devices injured six soldiers in northeast Sinai on Sept. 3, Reuters reported. Read more…

EU: Plans Progress For Operation To Destroy Smuggling Boats

During an informal meeting of EU defense ministers Sept. 3, EU High Commissioner Federica Mogherini said authorities are ready to move forward on the second phase of an operation to crack down on human smuggling in which authorities will seize and destroy boats in international waters, EU Observer reported Sept. 4. Read more…

Venezuela: Colombian Border To Reopen

Venezuelan military authorities announced Sept. 3 that trucks will be allowed to begin crossing the Venezuela-Colombia border in Tachira State in the coming hours, Panorama reported. Read more…

Egypt, UAE: Russia Approves French Mistral Sale

Moscow has reportedly given its approval for France to sell two Mistral vessels to Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, according to anonymous Russian military sources, Egypt Independent reported Sept. 3 citing Moskovsky Komsomolets. Read more…

Cameroon: Bomb Detonates Outside Army Camp

The second of two bombs killed about 10 and wounded over 100 outside a military post in northern Cameroon on Sept. 3, Reuters reported. Read more…

Yemen: Saudi-Led Coalition Plans To Take Sanaa Soon

The Saudi-led coalition combating Houthi militants in Yemen intends to take control of Sanaa within three days, according to coalition sources, Al-Arabiya television reported Sept. 3. Read more…

European Union: Commission To Launch New Immigration Plan

The European Commission is discussing a new plan to resettle 120,000 refugees, four times the number agreed to by member states in July, Repubblica reported Sept. 3. Read more…

Palestinian Territories: Israel Strikes Hamas' Military Wing

Israel fired two rockets at a location for Hamas' military wing in Gaza on Sept. 3, Maan News reported. Read more…

Guatemala: President Resigns Before He Is Issued An Arrest Warrant

Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina resigned late Sept. 2 because of allegations of corruption, CNN reported Sept. 3. Read more…

Yemen: Dual Bomb Attack On Mosque Kills 20

At least 20 people were killed and many more injured when two explosive devices detonated at a packed mosque in Sanaa's northern Jarraf district, AP reported Sept. 2, citing medical officials. Read more…

U.S.: 34 Lawmakers Support Iran Deal

U.S. President Barack Obama managed to secure the support of 34 Senate Democrats on Sept. 2, the minimum needed to overcome opposition to the Iran nuclear agreement, Wall Street Journal reported. Read more…

Venezuela: China To Loan $5 Billion

China will loan Venezuela $5 billion to help increase oil production in the midst of falling oil prices, Wall Street Journal reported Sept. 1. Read more…

Libya: Peace Talks To Reconvene

A fresh round of negotiations on the conflict in Libya will convene Sept. 3 at U.N. headquarters in Geneva, according to the U.N. Support Mission in Libya, Jordan News Agency reported. Read more…

U.S.: Government to Admit 1,500 Syrian Refugees

The U.S. government will allow 1,500 Syrian refugees to permanently settle in the United States by the end of September, Anatolia News Agency reported Sept. 2. Read more…

Greece: Coast Guard Seizes Ship Laden With Weapons

Greek authorities seized a freight ship filled with weapons headed to Libya from Turkey, Greek coast guard officials said Sept. 2, Reuters reported. Read more…

Venezuela: More Municipalities in State of Emergency

The Venezuelan government declared a state of emergency in four more municipalities, El Nacional reported Sept. 1, citing the Aug. 31 Official Gazette. Read more…

Mexico: Licensing Contract Model Likely For Blocks, Official Says

Mexico's Undersecretary of Hydrocarbons Lourdes Melgar Palacios announced Sept. 1 that Mexico will likely follow a licensing contract model in upcoming tenders for deep-water oil exploration, El Financiero reported. Read more…