Tracking Mexico's Drug Cartels Timeline

Oct 16 2014

Mexico's Drug War: Criminal Groups Splinter as Bosses Fall

Sep 02 2014

The Mexican President's State of the Union Suggests a Bright Future

Jul 17 2014

Mexico's Drug War: Cartel Ringleaders in the Crosshairs

Apr 17 2014

Self-Defense Groups in Mexico's Michoacan State

Apr 17 2014

Mexico's Drug War: Substantial Changes Seen in Michoacan

Mar 18 2014

Mexico's Self-Defense Militias

Mar 16 2014

Mexico's Gains in Michoacan Could Become a Setback

Mar 11 2014

Central America: Cocaine Smugglers Return to the Sea

Feb 27 2014

Understanding the Risks of Travel To Mexico

Feb 22 2014

Mexico: El Chapo's Arrest Poses New Risks of Violence

Feb 22 2014

Mexico: Sinaloa Chief 'El Chapo' Arrested


Violence related to Mexican drug cartels — more accurately termed "criminal cartels," given their expanded role in various criminal enterprises — has reached record levels in Mexico. Despite increased security operations ordered by former Mexican President Felipe Calderon in December 2006, the cartels continue to operate throughout the country.

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