Terrorist Attack Cycle Timeline

Apr 10 2014

Recognizing Criminal Surveillance

Apr 03 2014

Demystifying the Criminal Planning Cycle

Mar 06 2014

The Jihadist Movement Suffers from Divisions and Discord

Feb 19 2014
Sunni Militants in Lebanon May Be Nearing Rogue Status

Sunni Militants in Lebanon May Be Nearing Rogue Status

Feb 13 2014

The Threat of the Toothpaste Bomb

Feb 06 2014

The Persistent Threat of Mentally Disturbed Lone Wolves

Jan 02 2014

Grassroots Terror and the Importance of Location

Dec 10 2013
Security at the Forefront of the Nelson Mandela Memorial

Security Is at the Forefront of Nelson Mandela's Memorial Service

Oct 31 2013

Analyzing Breaking Events

Oct 17 2013

Lessons From a Failed Attack in Ethiopia


In most terrorist attacks violence seems spontaneous, but it is usually the result of meticulous planning and coordination. Preventing an attack must be accomplished early in the "attack cycle," long before the violence occurs.

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