Piracy off the Somali Coast Timeline

Nov 08 2012

The Expensive, Diminishing Threat of Somali Piracy

Sep 17 2012

Challenges Facing the New Somali Government

Mar 09 2012

Gulf of Guinea Piracy: Challenges and Constraints

Feb 20 2012

Somali Piracy Update: The End of Monsoon Season

Jan 13 2012

Somali Piracy: 2011 Annual Update

Jan 13 2012
Somali Pirate Activity, 2008-2011

Somali Pirate Activity, 2008-2011

Apr 26 2011
Armed pirates in Hobyo, Somalia

A Shift in Somali Pirate Behavior

Feb 01 2011

Somali Pirates' Expanding Reach


Piracy off the coast of Somalia has increased dramatically since 2006. Pirate activity in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean region has created an international security situation in one of the highest-volume commercial shipping lanes in the world. Despite international counterpiracy efforts, Somali pirates continue to hijack ships and demand exorbitant ransoms from shipping companies.

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