Personal Security Timeline

Apr 10 2014

Recognizing Criminal Surveillance

Apr 03 2014

Demystifying the Criminal Planning Cycle

Feb 27 2014

Understanding the Risks of Travel To Mexico

Feb 06 2014

The Persistent Threat of Mentally Disturbed Lone Wolves

Dec 26 2013

Mexico: Tactical Adaptations in Virtual Kidnapping

Nov 07 2013

Selling Security

Sep 26 2013

Al Shabaab: Not as New or Dangerous as the Press Thinks

Aug 29 2013

Assessing Hezbollah Kidnapping Threats in Lebanon

Aug 15 2013

Planning for a Safe Trip

Jun 27 2013

The Santa Monica Shootings and Gun Law Loopholes

May 30 2013

Kidnapping: An Avoidable Danger


Self-preservation is a fundamental human instinct. Since the 9/11 attacks, it also has become something of a cottage industry. While expert security services can be pricey, a combination of professional advice and attention to detail can create a personal protection program that is affordable and effective.

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