Kidnappings and Hostage Situations Timeline

Jul 01 2014

Palestinian Territories: Hamas Ready For But Not Interested In Conflict With Israel

Jun 30 2014

Israel: Palestinian President Calls Emergency Meeting For Leadership

Jun 30 2014

Israel: Bodies Of 3 Missing Teens Found

Jun 19 2014

The Turkish Hostage Situation in Iraq Offers Security Lessons

May 21 2014

In Syria, Militants Revive Kidnapping for Ransom

May 08 2014

As Boko Haram Makes Headlines, a Chronology of the Nigerian Militant Group

May 06 2014

Nigeria: U.S. To Send Team To Help Search For Kidnapped Girls

Apr 17 2014

Mali: French Forces Free 5 Kidnap Victims

Apr 17 2014

Libya: Tunisian Diplomat Kidnapped In Tripoli

Feb 27 2014

Understanding the Risks of Travel To Mexico

Jan 26 2014

Libya: Tripoli In Talks With Cairo Over Kidnapped Diplomats


Since the “Stockholm syndrome” hit the media in the early 1970s, following a bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden, kidnappings and hostage situations have become virtually an academic field of study. Situations vary, depending upon the captors and their goals. To avoid (or survive) such ordeals, it helps to know what they look like and how they might unfold.

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