Iranian Nuclear Game Timeline

Jul 29 2014

Iran: U.S. Negotiator Says No Guarantee Extensions For Nuclear Agreement Will End

Jul 21 2014

The U.S. and Iran Struggle to Tame Domestic Resistance to a Deal

Jul 20 2014

Iran: Tehran Eliminating Stockpile Of Uranium Gas

Jul 19 2014

Chronology: The Journey Toward a U.S.-Iran Detente Continues

Jul 18 2014

Iran: Tehran To Receive Final Installment Of Frozen Assets

Jun 27 2014

Iran: 6th Installment Of Frozen Foreign Assets Received

Jun 14 2014

Iran: Nuclear Agreement Possible By July 20

Jun 10 2014

Iran: Negotiators To Hold Bilateral Talks With Germany And France

Jun 09 2014

Iran and Turkey Explore Their Mutual Interests

Jun 07 2014

U.S., Iran: Officials To Meet June 9-10 In Geneva

Jun 05 2014

U.S.: Iranian Oil Sanctions Suspended For Six Months

May 14 2014

Rebuilding the U.S. Alliance Structure


Headlines about Iran’s nuclear program focus mostly on the offensive threat to Israel, but Tehran’s long-term goal is actually to develop a
defensive nuclear program. Despite attracting economic sanctions and a U.S. military buildup in the Persian Gulf, Iran’s nuclear weapons program has fostered ongoing talks with the West and has proved useful in competitions with regional rivals.

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