Russian Energy and Foreign Policy Timeline

Dec 20 2014

Canada: Government To Impose New Sanctions On Russia

Canada will impose new sanctions on Russia, Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird said Dec. 19, TASS reported Dec. 20.
Dec 19 2014

Europe and Russia After South Stream

The pipeline project has been laid to rest but both sides are already considering replacements.
Dec 17 2014

With Ruble in Free Fall, the U.S. Pushes Putin to the Edge

A Russian collapse may have serious unintended consequences.
Dec 11 2014

Russia Refocuses on the Middle East

Russia's diplomatic activities in the region have less to do with bilateral relations than with keeping the United States preoccupied.
Dec 04 2014

Russia: Putin's Annual Speech Marks Dramatic Shift

The past year has brought major geopolitical and economic challenges for Russia, and Moscow's thinking has changed accordingly.
Dec 04 2014

Russia's South Stream Decision Changes Regional Dynamics

By backing out of the planned natural gas pipeline, Moscow has altered political and energy relationships involving Russia, Turkey and Europe.
Dec 02 2014

Russia Puts the Brakes on South Stream

Moscow is backing out of the natural gas project and will increase energy ties with Turkey instead.
Nov 25 2014

Ukraine Braces for a Cold Winter as Coal Supplies Dwindle

Kiev is struggling to secure coal from its conflict zone and from Russia.
Nov 25 2014

In Central Europe, Governments Are Caught in the Middle

The region is physically, economically, and politically trapped between the feuding European Union and Russia.
Nov 19 2014

Russia Keeps a Wary Eye on the Trans-Caspian Pipeline

Moscow has again expressed its disapproval of the project, which would circumvent Russia's natural gas supplies and transport network.
Nov 17 2014

Romania After the Presidential Election

Despite the unexpected outcome of the Nov. 16 presidential election, Romania's priorities remain unchanged.

Since 2003, the Kremlin has aggressively reconsolidated state control over its energy sector and demonstrated an increased willingness to use energy as a tool to influence countries that depend on its resources. Many of those countries have attempted to diversify from Russian energy dependence, but Moscow continues to hold considerable influence.

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