Russian Energy and Foreign Policy Timeline

Nov 25 2014

Ukraine Braces for a Cold Winter as Coal Supplies Dwindle

Kiev is struggling to secure coal from its conflict zone and from Russia.
Nov 25 2014

In Central Europe, Governments Are Caught in the Middle

The region is physically, economically, and politically trapped between the feuding European Union and Russia.
Nov 19 2014

Russia Keeps a Wary Eye on the Trans-Caspian Pipeline

Moscow has again expressed its disapproval of the project, which would circumvent Russia's natural gas supplies and transport network.
Nov 17 2014

Romania After the Presidential Election

Despite the unexpected outcome of the Nov. 16 presidential election, Romania's priorities remain unchanged.
Nov 12 2014

Downing of an Armenian Helicopter Stokes Tensions in an Old Conflict

Azerbaijani forces shot down the helicopter, creating a slew of questions about the countries' frozen rivalry.
Nov 11 2014

Iran, Russia: Nuclear Deal To Be Signed

The chief of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi, and the head of Russia's state atomic energy corporation, Sergey Kiriyenko, plan to sign an agreement to build two new nuclear power plants in Iran, Fars News reported Nov. 11.
Nov 06 2014

Serbia, Russia: Leaders Agree On Debt Repayment Terms

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed on everything concerning Russian natural gas shipments to Serbia and on the terms of repayment for Serbia's debt, a Serbian government statement said, B92 reported Nov. 6.
Nov 06 2014

Lithuania Courts Belarus With Economic Incentives

Past efforts to turn Minsk away from Russia and toward Europe have failed, but regional players hope economic and energy factors will encourage greater interest.
Nov 06 2014

A New Bulgarian Government Begins to Coalesce

The coalition Cabinet will face numerous challenges, including talks with Europe about the Russia-led South Stream pipeline.
Nov 01 2014

Russia: Moscow Creates Tariff Discount For Natural Gas Deliveries To Ukraine

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree Nov. 1 creating an export tariff discount based on the contract price of Russian natural gas delivered to Ukraine, the prime minister said, RIA Novosti reported.
Oct 30 2014

Ukraine, Russia: Governments Reach Natural Gas Agreement

While the deal will allow Ukraine to buy natural gas from Russia until March 2015, long-term challenges remain.
Oct 30 2014

Ukraine, Russia Reach a Natural Gas Agreement

While the deal will allow Ukraine to buy natural gas from Russia until March 2015, long-term challenges remain.

Since 2003, the Kremlin has aggressively reconsolidated state control over its energy sector and demonstrated an increased willingness to use energy as a tool to influence countries that depend on its resources. Many of those countries have attempted to diversify from Russian energy dependence, but Moscow continues to hold considerable influence.

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