Russian Energy and Foreign Policy Timeline

Oct 19 2014

Ukraine: IMF Funds Could Pay Off Natural Gas Debts, President Says

Oct 17 2014

Ukraine and Russia Move Closer to an Interim Natural Gas Deal

Oct 17 2014

Ukraine, Russia: Leaders Close To Temporary Natural Gas Deal

Oct 16 2014

Putin's Multi-Front Diplomacy in Europe

Oct 14 2014

A Chronology of Russia's Rekindled Alliance with China

Oct 07 2014

Serbia: EU Pressures Belgrade To Oppose South Stream Pipeline

Oct 06 2014

Stratfor's Fourth Quarter Forecast 2014

Oct 05 2014

Latvia: Pro-Russia Party Wins Most Votes In Elections

Oct 01 2014

Bulgaria Must Appease the European Union and Russia Simultaneously

Sep 29 2014

Putin Must Choose: Spend Now or Save for Later

Sep 26 2014

With Proposed Energy Deal, Russia Gets Its Way


Since 2003, the Kremlin has aggressively reconsolidated state control over its energy sector and demonstrated an increased willingness to use energy as a tool to influence countries that depend on its resources. Many of those countries have attempted to diversify from Russian energy dependence, but Moscow continues to hold considerable influence.

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