Europe's Economic Crisis Timeline

Dec 17 2014

With Ruble in Free Fall, the U.S. Pushes Putin to the Edge

A Russian collapse may have serious unintended consequences.
Dec 11 2014

Greece Comes to an Economic and Political Juncture

The next three weeks will be crucial in shaping Greece's future as it negotiates with Brussels over debt and tries to avoid early elections at home.
Dec 09 2014

Seeking the Future of Europe in the Ancient Hanseatic League

Germany's legacy of trade ensured its success within Europe, but that same legacy is now threatening to tear apart the European Union.
Dec 05 2014

In the Eurozone, Quantitative Easing Remains Off the Menu

Germany's strong stance against the controversial measure is not being challenged by other major European economies.
Dec 03 2014

Europe: When the Unthinkable Becomes Possible

Europe's economic crisis has changed the political playing field, forcing rival parties to consider allying.
Dec 03 2014

Brussels Gives France and Italy an Economic Reprieve

The European Commission is giving Paris and Rome more time to meet deficit reduction targets, but its patience — and the patience of French and Italian voters — is not infinite.
Nov 28 2014

U.K.: EU Membership Is Dependent On Immigration Measure, Cameron Says

British Prime Minister David Cameron plans to announce that the United Kingdom's membership in the European Union is dependent on a proposal that EU immigrants will have to work in Britain for four years before they can claim benefits, The Guardian reported Nov. 28.
Nov 28 2014

Italy: Unemployment Rate Reaches Record High Since 1977

Italy's unemployment rate reached 13.2 percent in October, the highest the country has seen since 1977, Italian statistics institute ISTAT said, ANSA reported Nov. 28.
Nov 28 2014

EU: Bloc Will Not Immediately Enact Sanctions Against France, Italy

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said the European Union would not enact sanctions against France and Italy right away, despite the two countries' failure to meet their public finance targets, Bloomberg News reported Nov. 28.
Nov 25 2014

Mainstream Parties Tread on Thin Ice in Europe's Periphery

Growing distrust of mainstream political parties in Spain, Portugal and Greece is contributing to political uncertainty in the eurozone.
Nov 21 2014

How History Shapes Western Attitudes Toward Immigration

The U.S., U.K. and Sweden face unique challenges related to immigration that can be traced to their historical relationships with newcomers.

The European economic crisis goes well beyond finance. It affects the economy, politics and social conditions in European countries and challenges the foundations of the European Union. The future of the bloc and the stability of the euro are in jeopardy.

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