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Bangladesh: Police, Protesters Clash Following Islamist Leader's Death Sentence

Supporters of Bangladesh's Jamaat-e-Islami party clashed with police Oct. 30 after their leader, Motiur Rahman Nizami, was sentenced to death Oct. 29 for committing war crimes, police said, Channel News Asia reported.

Tunisia: Parliamentary Election Results Confirmed

The Nidaa Tounis party, also known as Call for Tunisia, won 85 of the 217 seats in parliament, the election commission said Oct. 30, confirming preliminary results showing that the party had won the most seats and performed better than expected, AP reported.

Turkey, Syria: Kurdish Peshmerga Forces Enter Kobani

Kurdish peshmerga forces entered the Syrian city of Kobani to fight the Islamic State after being held back by the Turkish military, France 24 reported Oct. 30.

Ukraine: Russia Confirms Lower Natural Gas Prices

Russia has confirmed it will reduce Ukraine's price for natural gas to $378 per thousand cubic meters for the fourth quarter of 2014 and $365 per thousand cubic meters for the first quarter of 2015, according to a message posted on Twitter by the Russian Ministry of Energy.

Russia: Ruble Falls Below 43 to U.S. Dollar

The value of the Russian ruble dropped below 43 to the U.S. dollar and 55 to the euro ahead of a Central Bank meeting Oct. 31, The Moscow Times reported Oct. 30.

Burkina Faso: Protesters Set Fire To Parliament

Thousands of protesters stormed Burkina Faso's Parliament Oct. 30 and set it afire ahead of a vote to allow the president to run for re-election, World Bulletin reported.

Russia: NATO Jets Track Bombers

NATO aircraft tracked Russian strategic bombers over the Atlantic and the Black Sea on Oct. 29, Reuters reported.

Yemen: Shiite Rebels Capture City

Al-Houthi rebels seized Raymah, a city in central Yemen, on Oct. 29, further expanding their territorial control, AFP reported.


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