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Egypt: 1 Officer Killed, 10 Recruits Injured In Attack

An Egyptian police officer was killed and 10 conscripts were injured in El Arish after a bomb detonated near their armored vehicle, The Cairo Post reported Sept. 8.

Germany: 3 Suspected Members of Al Shabaab Arrested

Three German nationals suspected of being members of the Somalian militant group al Shabaab were arrested Sept. 6 at the Frankfurt airport, authorities said, AP reported Sept. 8.

Japan: Nuclear Plant Set To Receive Safety Clearance

The Sendai nuclear complex in southwestern Japan is expected to receive a safety clearance that would move it closer to becoming operational, officials said, Kyodo News reported Sept. 8.

Iran: Ukrainian Citizen Arrested On Espionage Charges

A Ukrainian citizen allegedly working for the United States and the United Kingdom was arrested in Iran and charged with espionage for trying to disrupt ties with Russia, a senior lawmaker said, FARS News Agency reported Sept. 8.

EU: IMF Head Says There Is Not Too Much Austerity

International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde said that she supports the actions of the European Central Bank and that there is not too much austerity in Europe, Les Echos reported Sept. 8.

Iran: Khamenei Undergoes Surgery

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei underwent successful prostate surgery, Reuters reported Sept. 8, citing Iranian state television.

Iraq: Islamic State Militants Kill 17 In Gunboat Attack North Of Baghdad

Islamic State militants on Sept. 8 attacked Dhuluiya, a riverside town 70 kilometers (45 miles) north of Baghdad, using gunboats and a car bomb, security sources said, Reuters reported.

Taiwan: Trade Talks With China Resume

Taipei and Beijing plan to resume talks on a bilateral trade agreement Sept. 8, Taipei Times reported.


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