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A Botched Hostage Rescue in the Philippines

For years to come, the police storming of a tourist bus in Manila will likely be used in hostage-rescue classrooms as a textbook example of what not to do.

Power Struggle Among Russia's Militants

Disparate messages from top commanders of the Caucasus Emirate paint a picture of leadership turmoil that could signify a serious crisis for the group.

Hezbollah, Radical but Rational

Iran's chief proxy group has a presence in Latin America and the United States, but the threat it poses to the latter would be exercised only as a last resort.

Mexico's Juarez Cartel Gets Desperate

Events leading up to the four-day closing of the U.S. Consulate in Juarez shed light on diplomatic security measures and the deteriorating situation in Juarez.

Fanning the Flames of Jihad

The magazine "Inspire," produced by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, is a good gauge of the current jihadist mindset and the movement's direction.

The Shifting Landscape of Passport Fraud

New technologies and procedures have helped curtail the fraudulent use of travel documents, to the point where humans are now the weakest link in the equation.

A Closer Look at India's Naxalite Threat

Recent declarations — and actions — by Maoist rebels in eastern India lead STRATFOR to re-examine one of the world’s longest running insurgencies.


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