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The 9/11 Anniversary and What Didn't Happen

The most interesting thing about the 9/11 anniversary this year may have been that al Qaeda's core leadership did not issue a flurry of slick, media-savvy statements.

A Botched Hostage Rescue in the Philippines

For years to come, the police storming of a tourist bus in Manila will likely be used in hostage-rescue classrooms as a textbook example of what not to do.

Power Struggle Among Russia's Militants

Disparate messages from top commanders of the Caucasus Emirate paint a picture of leadership turmoil that could signify a serious crisis for the group.

Hezbollah, Radical but Rational

Iran's chief proxy group has a presence in Latin America and the United States, but the threat it poses to the latter would be exercised only as a last resort.

Mexico's Juarez Cartel Gets Desperate

Events leading up to the four-day closing of the U.S. Consulate in Juarez shed light on diplomatic security measures and the deteriorating situation in Juarez.


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