Geopolitical Weekly

Germany: Mitteleuropa Redux

The European economic crisis has led STRATFOR to update its assessment of the European Union — and of Germany's role within that union.

China's Challenge

Beijing is in crisis mode as it juggles economic uncertainty and a leadership transition bringing competing economic policies into stark contrast.

Thinking About the Unthinkable: A U.S.-Iranian Deal

Washington's choices on Iran now appear to consist of a nuclear Iran or extended airstrikes on Iran with all their attendant consequences. There is a third choice, however: redefining the Iranian question.

The Utility of Assassination

The recent assassination of a Hamas operative in the United Arab Emirates presents a good opportunity to examine the usefulness of assassinations in general.

The Meaning of Marjah

U.S., NATO and Afghan forces have begun a sustained operation in Helmand province armed with larger forces and a new strategy.

Germany's Choice

As the economic situation in Greece worsens, Germany must make a tough decision with Continent-wide implications.

A Defensive Buildup in the Gulf

The United States went public with its defensive build-up in the Persian Gulf, signaling tensions in February.

Ukraine's Election and the Russian Resurgence

Ukraine's upcoming presidential election signals the end of the Orange Revolution, and a major opportunity for Moscow to shift its attention to other restive parts of the former Soviet sphere.


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