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The Limits of Public Opinion: Arabs, Israelis and the Strategic Balance

Recent Israeli actions with regard to the Gaza blockade have generated shifts in public opinion and diplomacy regionally and globally. The Israelis are calculating that these actions will not generate a long-term shift in the strategic posture of the Arab world.

Dissecting the Chinese Miracle

Flotillas and the Wars of Public Opinion

The Israelis have given the organizers of a flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza exactly what they hoped for: an incident that can be portrayed as an atrocity. This will have profound geopolitical implications for Israel.

Dissecting the Chinese Miracle

Germany After the EU and the Russian Scenario

Though they might seem unrelated to the casual observer, the European economic crisis and the U.S. deployment of Patriot missiles to Poland in due course will intersect.

Dissecting the Chinese Miracle

Germany, Greece and Exiting the Eurozone

Rumors of a reconstituted eurozone minus Greece or Germany are rampant these days in Europe, though whether such an option exists is doubtful.

Dissecting the Chinese Miracle

The Global Crisis of Legitimacy

Almost two years since what was a normal financial panic, the public has still not managed to absorb the consequences of that event.


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