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The U.S.-Saudi Dilemma: Iran's Reshaping of Persian Gulf Politics

A competition between the United States and Saudi Arabia to reach a deal with Iran has put Iran in a strong short-term regional position. The Iranians are in a race against time, however, to cement this advantage before Turkey assumes its dominant role on the regional stage.

Libya and the Problem with The Hague

Rather than serving as a tool for removing war criminals from power, international law tends to enhance their power and remove incentives for capitulation.

Russia's Evolving Leadership

After a decade of aggression, authoritarianism and nationalism, Russia has become strong enough again both internally and in its region that its leadership is sufficiently confident to shift policies and plan for its future — all the while being carefully managed behind the scenes.

The Divided States of Europe

The real European crisis is not the Greek economy but the evolving regionalization of the Continent.

The Palestinian Move

Two factions want an extremely aggressive Israeli security policy: the Israeli right and countries and militant proxies that are actively hostile to Israel.

Israel's Borders and National Security

The question of borders must be viewed in the context of synchronizing Israeli national security policy with Israeli national means. (With STRATFOR maps)


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