Geopolitical Weekly

The Crisis of Europe and European Nationalism

Unification has no moral claim on Europe beyond promising prosperity and offering a path to avoid conflict. The problem arises when the prosperity stops.

9/11 and the Successful War

The first mission of the war that followed 9/11 was to prevent any further attacks. That mission was accomplished.

Libya: A Premature Victory Celebration

Moammar Gadhafi appears to be on his way to defeat but he is not there yet, and the ability of his enemies to govern Libya is doubtful.

Israeli-Arab Crisis Approaching

An approaching U.N. General Assembly vote on Palestinian statehood could be a motivating factor behind Hamas' (among other groups') strategic intent to create a crisis between Egypt and Israel.

Re-Examining the Arab Spring

If the assumptions on the Arab Spring of this past January and February prove insufficient or even wrong, then there will be regional and global consequences.

Germany's Choice: Part 2

For Germany, neither option was pleasant: Write off the possibility of Europe becoming a great power or underwrite two trillion euros of government debt. Germany has now decided.


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