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The Covert Intelligence War Against Iran

A kind of "cold war" between the United States and Iran has been under way for years, but the tempo of visible events seems to be increasing.

A Deadly U.S. Attack on Pakistani Soil

The specifics of the Nov. 26 cross-border incident are becoming increasingly irrelevant. The incident is merely a symptom of larger issues that remain unresolved.

Pakistan, Russia and the Threat to the Afghan War

Pakistan and Russia have exposed how the United States and NATO do not control the strategic lines of supply into Afghanistan. Anytime a force depends on the cooperation of parties not under its control to sustain it, it is in danger.

Syria, Iran and the Balance of Power in the Middle East

The U.S. withdrawal from Iraq gives Iran an opportunity to extend its sphere of influence from Afghanistan to the Mediterranean. This has made bringing about the collapse of Tehran's allies in Syria a central part of a regional containment strategy against Iran. (With STRATFOR map)


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