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Paul Floyd on the Search for ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

“When militaries are dealing with enemy networks, you find that no single personality is the sole keystone of that network … taking a key personality helps you in the short run but what you need to do is consistently take out leadership," said Paul Floyd, military analyst at the global intelligence firm Stratfor.

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Lauren Goodrich on the Remaining Options for Sanctions Against Russia

There are only three sectors that matter much to Russia's political elite—military weaponry, banking and energy—and the U.S. and Europe are hard-pressed to find new ways to penalize those industries in ways that aren't overly drastic, according to Lauren Goodrich, senior Eurasia analyst at global intelligence and advisory firm Stratfor.

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Stratfor's Tristan Reed on Fuel Theft by Mexican Drug Cartels

“Gangs are tapping into pipelines in virtually every state of Mexico that has substantial fuel traveling underground,” says Tristan Reed, Mexico security analyst with global intelligence firm Stratfor. “However, northeast organized crime groups are the chief culprits -- specifically, Los Zetas and the various Gulf Cartel gangs.”

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Stratfor's Mark Schroeder on Nigeria's Purported Cease-Fire with Boko Haram

"I sense Nigeria rushed to announce the deal with electoral-political calculations in mind," said Mark Schroeder, vice president of Africa Analysis at the Stratfor consultancy. "Getting a victory with the schoolgirls and a short-term truce with Boko Haram could be positive for President Goodluck Jonathan's campaign," he said.

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Stratfor's Lauren Goodrich on the Russia-China Axis

Right now the Russia-China relationship is a marriage of convenience. Russia cannot rely on the West as its primary market for energy, and East Asia presents a perfect opportunity for Russia to fill its energy exports, explained senior Eurasia analyst at Stratfor, Lauren Goodrich.


Stratfor's Fred Burton on the Ottawa Shootings and a Potential Jihadist Link

"I would put this immediately at the top of the white board back at headquarters: 'Grass-roots jihadist activity,' probably inspired by the Canadian government’s admission that they intend to assist in bombing ISIL targets,” says Fred Burton, a former U.S. Diplomatic Security special agent and deputy counterterrorism chief.

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