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Kamran Bokhari on the Challenges Facing Saudi Arabia's New King

"Of all the kings Saudi Arabia has had, King Salman’s ascension to the throne comes at the worst time in the history of the kingdom," Kamran Bokhari, adviser for Middle Eastern and South Asian affairs at Texas-based consulting firm Stratfor, said by telephone from Toronto. “He comes in with so many domestic and external challenges."

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Kamran Bokhari on Sectarian Chaos in Yemen

"... effectively the Houthis are kingmakers. While they do not dominate Yemen, they control the largest piece of real estate and they are the single-largest group," said Kamran Bokhari, an adviser on Middle Eastern and South Asian Affairs for Stratfor.

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Fred Burton on Europe's Terrorist Threat

Live interview with Stratfor's vice president of intelligence on "Shepard Smith Reporting" to provide commentary on the terrorist threat facing Europe in the wake of the recent Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris.

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Stratfor's Adriano Bosoni on Economic Stagnation and Political Reform in Europe

"What began as a financial crisis evolved into an unemployment crisis and the austerity measures applied by governments across the continent have created a gap between the voters and the traditional elites, which explains the emergence of Euro-skeptic parties, nationalist parties and protest parties," said Stratfor Europe analyst Adriano Bosoni.

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Fred Burton on the Paris Newspaper Shooting

Stratfor's vice president of intelligence joins Bloomberg TV's "Street Smart" to discuss the terrorist attack at the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

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Stratfor's Scott Stewart on the Charlie Hebdo Attack in Paris

"These are not amateurs," Scott Stewart, vice president of tactical analysis at global intelligence firm Stratfor, told "Especially when you compare it to the [deadly, but amateurish lone wolf attack on Oct. 22, 2014] in Ottawa.These men were working as a fire team," he said.

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