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A Busy Day in Tehran

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By George Friedman

The Similarities Between Germany and China

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The Plantagenet Effect

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Terrorist Attack In Canada Shows Poor Terrorist Tradecraft Projection Capability

Terrorist Attack in Canada Shows Limits of a Persistent Threat

A New EU Commission Will Face Major Challenges

A New EU Commission Will Face Major Challenges

Kobani's Fatal Lure

Kobani Ensnares the Islamic State

Europe Swings Away From Austerity

Europe Swings Away From Austerity

Geopolitical Calendar: Week of Oct. 20, 2014

Georgia and Kyrgyzstan: Similar States, Worlds Apart

Georgia and Kyrgyzstan: Similar Countries, Worlds Apart


Stratfor In The News


Fred Burton on Terrorist Threats to the U.S.

Reva Bhalla on Turkey's Priority in the Islamic State Conflict

Rodger Baker on the Hong Kong Protests


2014 Fourth Quarter Forecast

Stratfor's Fourth Quarter Forecast 2014