Geopolitical Diary

Ukraine's Military Efforts Hampered by Limited Support

Geopolitical Weekly

By George Friedman

Iraq and Syria Follow Lebanon's Precedent

Global Affairs

By Robert D. Kaplan

Terrorism as Theater


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Gaza Cease-Fire

Gaza Truce Shows Signs of Holding, for Now

In Venezuela, New Protests Loom

Rebel Coalitions' Strength Rivals the Islamic State's

Rebel Coalitions' Strength Rivals That of the Islamic State

Djibouti Instability

Despite Instability, Djibouti's Position Limits Government Actions

The Difficulty of Choosing Sides in Libya

U.S. Naval Update Map: Aug. 28, 2014

U.S. Naval Update Map: Aug. 28, 2014


Stratfor In The News

Stratfor's Kamran Bokhari on Islamic State's Strategic Depth in Syria

Stratfor's Robert D. Kaplan on What's Next for Ukraine

Kamran Bokhari on the Islamic State Jihadist Movement


2014 Third Quarter Forecast

Stratfor's Third Quarter Forecast 2014